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As I dream of JaLynda...........Please dont wake me

2023-01-22 00:20:15

As I sit by the fire dreaming of a day long gone a familiar tingle begins to stir deep in my loins.

I fight the urge to walk down the old path but it soon overwhelms my senses and I reluctantly give in and reach for the journal long written and put aside but never ever forgotten for very long.

I find the old pages well worn from the passing of three decades, I linger for a moment, waiting for you to join me in our walk down this our memory lane.

As always it takes a little coercion to convince you the ecstasy that awaits is not only worth it but just some how right.

Two young vibrant adults looking for some satisfaction in a cold indifferent world.

The summer heat has come and gone and left us a golden brown and as the clothes come off we are reveling in the soft touch of the hidden parts still pale from birth.

I tug at the last shred of restraint as you implore "Don't take my panties off."

I pause in consideration waiting for the grin of ascent and you spread your legs as they finally come free, off for the night.

Your eyes are drawn to the manhood that now swells and throbs as pre-cum drips oozing from the opening in anticipation.

Licking your lips preparing for the next hot kiss. Your lips are moistened as you absent-mindedly reach to cover your now wet love nest with your long thin fingers.

I let it go and reach for the perfect c cup breast that now heave and blush with the thrill of excitement awaiting my caress.

The nipples unmolested now stand as testament that your hunger for sexual release have over ridden the fear of the unfamiliar man in your bed kneeling between your spread legs.

Everything you are experiencing from this point is a first, I watch as you suck in a strained breath as I pinch the erect nipple.

They are so perfect I just can not resist I start with my tongue flicking then nuzzle and finally suckling as I feel the tension in your final resistance turn to curiosity then pleasure.

It happens in the eyes they were watery on the brink of tears but now they are ablaze with unbridled hunger and curiosity.

Your hands now instead of blocking my progress are masterfully massaging the moist clit to its peaked erection.

I take one hand and suck the thumb into my hot mouth holding it for a brief moment of anticipation and daring .

Your raised eyebrow tells me you are not sure what the feeling is from, but it makes the blood rise to your neck and cheeks.

I taste the feminine juices from the tips of your fingers and my cock leaps in anticipation.

I reach for the first time to the nakedness between your long beautiful legs and find the wetness has begun to run down into the crevice between the round smooth ass cheeks.

I cant wait to feel this hot wetness squeezing my manhood but a deep sigh tells me you are not quite ready.

I Kiss those swollen lips once more and you seem to melt into the moment, I am caressing your breast and slowly moving down your flat tummy.

The bush is flame red and as I maneuver you to touch my hot rod.

At first you pull back but the heat and curiosity win as you use your delicate fingers to softly stroke my cock.

I really don't want to come yet so I focus on you and getting you ready for penetration.

One finger slid into the wetness and the second one encounters what I thought was surely a tight virgin pussy.

I softly and gently give a generous attempt at timing my moves for maximum pleasure for you. Responding to your every move.

Your increased breathing tells me I am succeeding. I am nuzzling your neck and ears with soft kisses and then as if it was old hat you came hard on my fingers and the juices flooded my hand.

I smiled in to the next kiss and said ok its time . You were a natural as you adjusted for the entry lifting you buttocks with those strong lean legs then lifting them high and wide as I knelt between them.

I used one hand to guide my pulsing manhood toward the golden triangle as the other spread the swollen cunt lips, our juices joined forces as I slid the head into that tight pulsing tunnel of expectation.

Slowly I lowered myself deep into the wetness and then just lay upon you to let it settle. I felt your teeth bite my neck as you winced in anticipation of the expected pain.

I thought it would take minutes to adjust but in seconds you began to rock your hips helping the transition from virgin to well, .................................. fucked!

After what seemed like an hour I lifted myself to my knees and elbows with my height and your slight stature it was a match made in anatomy :-).

Your long legs were now wrapped around my middle torso and your heels seemed to be spurring my buttocks into action.

I asked if you were ok, you just nodded “ is that it.” I said, “you took it all the first time, now relax and enjoy the moment.”

As I adjusted once more looking into your beautiful eyes you grinned and said can we go faster ? I quickened my pace for you.

I began to make very deliberate complete withdrawals? And then reentry slowly, slowly, then your legs began to pull you up to meet my thrust before I could finish my decent.

So I gave in and began to pound that sweet hot wet snatch with all I had.

As I neared climax. I slowed, wanting it to last forever, prolonging our ecstasy.

I watched as you once more flushed and I felt the flow of orgasm rushing down my shaft into the hair around my balls.

I withdrew with all the will power I possessed and deposited a huge load of cum on that beautiful freckled tummy.

I watched with glee as you saw the first male climax in full view, as you rose to go clean up , I gave you one long lustful kiss and began to dream of the next time!

Now three decades removed some how I can't seem to wake from the dream! When I do I find the Journal on the floor and my manhood limp from the wet dream or was it………………..:-))))))))))))

Part 2 Please don’t wake me yet!

Bio I had the privilege of having this 110 pound beautiful red head hot’y for her first, and second Fuck in 1979!

“Still the girl of my dreams Part Two”

I decide to keep dreaming, knowing the journal from three decades of perusing, will lead to the perfect end of a perfect dream.

I watch as you slip away into the restroom a little uncertain of what to do, how to respond.

As I lay there I hear water running in the sink and then a toilet flush.

I can’t help myself all I have seen to this point is shadows from the hall light, so I creep up to the bathroom door and push it open and I am awed by your perfection!

Long shapely legs that stop at the perfect rounded and freckled ass cheeks. Sloping freckled shoulders now obscured by the long red hair flowing down to your hips.

You turn to me when you notice me in the mirror.

You blush as you lift a leg to wipe a drip off with a rag smiling into the mirror.

I put my hand under the leg and grab a handful of ass cheek and lift it to the counter. Covering you gasp with a kiss.

While kissing you deep and wet, I use my fingers to bring you back to a state of arousal.

Now dripping wet I lick my way down to that sweet little clit as you make this little squeal you press down with your diaphragm and make the tight v fit my thumb and knuckle perfectly.

You seem shocked by how much fluid you produced.

I willingly lapped it up. Sucking then fingering your wetness till I feel you tense and the convulse with a powerful orgasm.

I say now for the best part! I take a hand and lead you to the bed and lay you gently down.

I crawl in beside you so we can cuddle.

You lay your head on my chest and put your knee on my thigh reaching across my chest pulling your warmth close to my side.

After a few tender minutes you say, “hey we can not fall asleep my mom will kill me.”

So I say, just a few more minutes. “I promise to be gone before she gets home.”

When I feel your breathing relax I get up and check the door. It’s locked. I slip back into your room and kneel down by the bed.

Gently rubbing those sweet nipples back awake. You turn toward me and I use my other hand to stroke your cheek.

The moment is shattered as you sit up with a start, “what are you doing?”

I said, “shish I am getting ready to leave but I have a little something for you.”

I crawled in on top of you. As you squirm you push me up away from you and shout, “you need to go my mom is coming home.”

As you struggle fully awake now I assure you we have enough time to complete the dream.

Just give me a few minutes and I promise to go long before mom returns.

You squirm some more but when I bite a nipple you just freeze in place.

I use my knees to straddle your chest trapping your arms at your sides. By now you are crying please my mom will kill me!

Shush girl I will be gone before she comes, the sooner you help me here the sooner I will get finished and be gone.

You seem to settle and decide to cooperate. I lean forward adjusting to the light and place my thumbs into your swollen lips.

You bite down at first but then seem to understand what I want and begin to tounge and then suck as I push them in opening your mouth wider.

When I feel you relax to it I leave one hand in place reaching with the other and taking my now fully erect cock and place it on your chin waiting for the invitation.

You once more freeze in panic, but I anticipate reluctance and am ready with, you want me to leave soon?

You open as wide as you can and let the head slip past your virgin lips and I almost cum right then, feeding you my cock.

As you warm to the Idea I release your arms and adjust to allow your hands freedom to caress my now swollen balls.

As you allow more and more to go in, I feel the back of your throat tighten as my head swells in anticipation.

I cum so suddenly I feel your mouth get full and then overflow with hot semen. I help with my hands and coach you to swallow.

By now I am determined to make it a night we will both remember forever.

I kiss my way to the swollen wetness once more and tenderly caress your clit with my tongue and stay there until I feel my cock recover to its full length.

I know I will be able to fuck for a good while now and I use my knee to part your legs and force myself into your swollen pussy.

It takes me two tries to enter .

I begin to thrust as hard and fast as I can.

I thought the bed was going to collapse, when I look I see tears.

I was ready to cum so I pull out and reach for your hand you just jerked away.

I laughed and said on you or in you. As you searched my face for the answer I could not help myself.

I turned you over lifting you to your knees.

I was too tall to enter you this way so I moved you to the edge of the bed and then I plunged into your wet pussy. Deep into your hot wetness.

I feel you tighten your vagina muscles as you feel my hot cock hitting the new spot in a different way.

I can tell when you give into the carnal hunger of orgasm as you begin to push back against my thrust.

For what seems like forever we fuck with abandon as time seems to stand still.

By now I am holding onto both hips and driving as deep I can go with each thrust slamming my balls against your swollen clit.

Pulling out is out of the question. I thrust one last time and hold onto that perfect ass and cum as hard as I ever have!!

I lean down to kiss you for a great night when you shoved me out of the bed with both feet. You run to the bathroom slamming the door behind you .

I awake with a jolt as the journal hit’s the floor, I have dreamed of you everyday for 30 years wondering if you remember too.