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Discipline from Jen, Chapter #5

2022-08-15 00:23:13

Chapter #5

I seized the opportunity to afford her some level of discomfort, given the fact that she had just finished abusing my asshole, by biting down on her left nipple. It didn’t have the desired effect as she moaned in agreement.

“That’s right, bite me!”

With her hand still on the back of my head she pressed my face into her breast and writhed as I chewed on the fleshy pink nub in the center. I reached up with one hand and started to roll her other nipple between my fingers.

“Mmmm… that’s good my pet, show mama how much you love her.”

Her approval encouraged me and I chewed harder on the one in my mouth. It began to swell and turn red with her excitement. Once it had adequately hardened I changed positions, now taking the other between my teeth. I bit down again and again while Jennifer wiggled beneath me, now grinding herself against my thigh. I could feel her dampness on my leg and I decided it was time to head south.

Before moving downward to take her sex in my mouth, I reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out two clothespins. She nodded in approval as I placed one on each of her nipples, making sure they were centered just right between the wooden pinchers. She bucked as I snapped the second one in place, intentionally letting it bite down with more force than the first. As it grabbed her flesh she reached up and slapped me across the face.

“You little fucker! You’re gonna pay for that!” She promised.

I smiled at the thought of her returning the favor and replied, “Yes, mistress.”

With her nipples taken care of I turned my attention to her steaming box. I stared hard into her eyes as I licked my hand and placed it between the lips of her pussy. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back.

“Ohhhh, that’s better. That’s much better. Make me cum darling.” She moaned.

I rubbed her clit beneath several fingers while pressing the tips into her hole. Once sufficiently wet I slid two inside her and began her favorite motion, as if stroking the underside of her clit back and forth from within. As I played inside her she whimpered and writhed on the bed. Her moaning grew deeper the longer I teased her favorite spot and I knew she wanted more than just my fingers. Sliding them out of her snatch more carefully than she had done for me just moments before, I reached into the toy box and pulled out her purple toy. I applied a few drops of lube to the tip and pressed it against her slit. Jen rocked her hips in tempo as I rubbed it back and forth to distribute the lube.

I began to fuck her gently with her plastic penis, watching intently as the purple meat entered, and then exited her cunt. I pushed deeper with each stroke inward until I was finally pumping her with the entire smooth portion of the shaft, about eight inches worth. Each time I drove it inside her the tip of my thumb banged against her swollen clit. Faster and faster I pumped until I was sure it was hitting the deepest parts of her insides.

After several minutes of fucking my lovely wife with her purple friend I slowed to an easy pace, listening for her breath to catch up. As I stroked her pussy with the dildo she hummed to herself, lightly at first but growing louder the more it filled and left her womanhood. She looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes and her lips parted.

“I want you to put it in my ass.”

With that she slid down a bit, raising her lower half further up on the pillow beneath her. She grasped the back of her knees in her hands and pulled her legs skyward, exposing her rear end nicely. Once she had maneuvered into a comfortable position she slid her hands down to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, and presented me with her tight little hole. I applied a bit more lube to the toy and stroked it a few times.

“Mmm… yeah, get it ready for me.” She moaned.

I drizzled an ample amount of the slippery liquid into the crack of her ass and spread it around with my hand, making sure to enter her pussy a few more times as I rubbed her asshole with my thumb. I rotated it inside her, preparing her anus for the thickness she was about to receive.

“Stick it in there.” She ordered me firmly.

I pressed the head of the toy cock into her asshole and waited for a response. As I held it there she grunted. I wiggled it a little to help stretch her a bit but she was more than ready.

“Go ahead, push it in. Mama can take it.”

I watched her eyes flutter beneath her closed lids as I pushed the tool all the way inside her ass. When I thought I had gone deep enough I began to slide it back out.

“No! Deeper.” She demanded.

I slide the probe back in, trying to feel for anything pushing back against me. When I finally reached the deepest part of her I stopped and waited again. The smooth half of the dildo was gone and three or for sections of the ribbed half were already inside her as well. I was amazed at the shear amount of cock my wife was able to gobble into her ass. Her breathing had quickened and she seemed to be pushing herself down onto the toy. It must have been exquisite.

“That’s it pet. That’s it, right there.”

I pressed against the now embedded tool, forcing it to curve as it bottomed out into her guts. Her deep groan sounded primitive, like that of a cave woman who had just birthed her first child. With each push of the toy into her ass she groaned in agonizing ecstasy.

“Don’t stop. I want it to hurt.” She was now begging me to pump her ass full and I grew jealous the deeper she took it.

“Now, in and out. Fuck me with it, fuck me deep.”

“Yes, mistress.”

I slid the dildo out halfway and crammed it back inside, banging against her with my fist as I drove into her. The groans quickened as did my pace. I began to slam the toy into her ass with the same force I had just given her pussy, pumping her asshole with the purple meat and wishing it were my own. The harder I pumped the more noise she made. I thought at any minute she would cry out in pain as I rammed her ass as hard I could. I was so deep now that I only had enough toy left to hold on to in my fist. She had forget I was even there, focused only on the object inside her. I took an opportunity in that moment to slap her on the ass cheek; again, in the hopes she would soon return the favor.

“Oh, my God! Eat me! Eat my pussy!” She screamed.

I dove furiously onto her clit, taking it between my lips and pulling. I licked fiercely against it until she bucked wildly beneath me. I shoved the cock in to the hilt once more and held it, now concentrated on making her cum. I licked her swollen clit with purpose, wanting to suck her ecstasy out through its tiny slit. I could feel her legs tighten and her ass clench and knew it was almost time. As college students she had once shown me how to aid in her orgasm by rubbing her belly, just above her neatly trimmed hair below the navel. I pressed down on her tummy with my palm and felt her begin let go. She let out a tiny squeal, a stark contrast to the grunts she had been giving me during the pounding, and looked down at me between her legs while nodding. I bore down on her cunt with my mouth, steadying myself as climax overcame her.

“Ahhhh… I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming!”

Her sweet surrender to orgasm stole her away from the strict disciplinary role she had been playing to that point. My fear was that I would lose her to the moment and she wouldn’t want to play anymore afterward, but for now, all I could do was massage her belly and watch as she savored the release. She arched her back sharply, strained and cried out several more times. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled it into her, pumping my face into her pussy until finally collapsing against the pillows.

I loosened my mouth from her cunt and sat up, my face drenched in her juices. She pushed on her bowels, releasing the rubber dick from her ass and I wiped it off with a nearby towel. She rolled her legs over and smiled at me, obviously spent by her orgasm and completely at ease with her current circumstance. After a few moments she gathered herself and to my amazement regained her roll as authoritarian.

“That’s good for now. Get off of me.”

“Yes, mistress.”

I sat up and smiled, not sure if she was still interested in giving me what I wanted.

“I guess you think you’ve earned yourself a little prize, is that right?”

“I hope so, mistress.”

“I bet you want me to fuck that ass the way you did mine.”

I nodded, unable to speak at the thought of her doing to me what I had just done to her.

“Speak up, bitch! Do you want me to fuck you or not?”

“Yes, mistress!”

“Well then, beg me.”

“Please, mistress.” I whimpered.

“Louder!” she demanded.

“Please, mistress!” I tried to shout but my voice cracked.

“Tell me what you want you little slut!”

“Fuck me. Please fuck me!”


“In my ass! Fuck me in the ass, mistress!”

I tried to restrain my excitement, not wanting to give her too much, and trying my best to remain timid. I wanted her to violate me, to hurt me. I wanted her to know that I was her little bitch for the night. Jennifer got up onto her knees, puffing out her breasts and removed the clothespins from her nips. She jerked them both off at the same time, without so much as a flinch, causing me to shudder. If she was still this devoted to her part, my asshole was in trouble. She turned her attention to me, noticing my concern and played on it.

“That’s right, bitch. I’m about to fuck you up. Now, roll over.”