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Michelle Part 6 Punishment

2022-09-29 00:55:03

Having caught Michelle breaking a couple of the major rules earlier, while I was away, I had set in motion a plan which I hoped would not only gain me a chance to punish her, but, if things worked out well, would make her young lover, Eric our slave also. The fact that Eric was one of the most attractive young men I had ever laid eyes on helped me in making my decision, and the fact that he truly seemed to love Michelle sealed the deal. I only hoped my plan would bind his fate to mine. Since Michelle had invited him to spend some time both previous trips without asking permission, and since she had also allowed him to wear clothes around the house, also in violation of the rules, I set a trap.

My only wonder was whether Michelle had similarly set a trap for me, since she knew that the house was monitored by my computer system. Regardless, I told her I had a two-day conference and that I would fly out early the next morning. I allowed her to sleep in, for her sake, I said, and drove myself to the airport. I did take a flight, but only a lesson with a friend of mine who was still trying to help me get enough hours to complete my license requirements. When we landed we went to lunch, then I went back to my car and checked the remote monitors. Sure enough, Eric was there. They were having sex in Michelle’s room, oblivious to the camera watching every stroke. I smiled as I contemplated what was coming. I hadn’t seriously punished anyone in a sexual context for a couple of years, and my cock hardened at the thought of beating Michelle, and disciplining Eric.

I drove back to the house, periodically checking to see what was going on. Dinnertime was approaching and sure enough they were in the kitchen, Michelle preparing some food, Eric sitting on the counter with a pair of pants on. I disarmed the alarms remotely and drove up to the house. I pulled up and rechecked the monitors. They were still in the kitchen. I carefully opened the door and silently walked into the kitchen. They were so focused on each other they didn’t see me at first.

“Slave.” I said.

“Shit!” Michelle exclaimed. “Eric, we are so busted.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Oh god, babe. I told you the rules. This is bad.” She looked at me. A tear formed in her eye and rolled down her cheek. “It’s really bad. Isn’t it Master?”

Eric stood and stared at me. He was right at six feet tall. Broad shoulders and narrow hips. Washboard stomach and a well muscled chest with a minimum of body hair so far. A finely featured face that would someday soon be classically handsome with deep blue eyes and light brown hair. I knew his legs were firm and well muscled also from watching him fuck Michelle on video and the monitors.

“What can he do?” he asked.

“Eric, I’ve signed a contract with him. I’m his slave, and he can do about anything he wants. He could even break the contract over this.”

“Nobody owns slaves.” Eric stated firmly. “Not anymore.”

I smiled. “That’s true Eric, but it’s not that kind of slavery. Michelle is voluntarily my slave. She signed a contract, binding her body over to me, in exchange for some extra favors beyond simply her education and training. It was her idea, actually.”

Michelle bit her lip and looked at Eric.

“Is that true?” He asked.

“Yes.” She whimpered. “I wanted it, and I’ve broken a couple of serious rules. I really screwed up.” She looked at me. “I’m going to be punished for this, I can tell.”

“That’s one possible outcome. Truly Michelle.” I admitted. “You will assume the contemplation position while we talk.” I looked at her and she hesitated. “Now, kneel slave, or break the contract.” Michelle dropped to her knees and laid her hands face up on her spread thighs.

I looked at her sternly and again my cock hardened at the thought of beating her and punishing her body. I asked, “Michelle, you have broken several rules. You have betrayed my trust in my own house. Do you wish to break our contract?”

“No. Master. I’m sorry. I will accept my punishment. I want to stay with you.”

“Then you Eric.” I looked at him. “You have a choice. You can leave here and never return, never see or speak to my slave again. Or I will offer you one alternative, but only one, and only one time.”

“I can’t leave her. I won’t let you punish her either.”

“Yes, you will let me punish her. That is part of our agreement, and if you refuse to allow it, you must take the first choice and leave now.”

I watched Eric consider leaving, then he looked at Michelle kneeling on the floor. “What’s the other choice?”

“You know the rule for dress for Michelle’s guests. Strip now and assume the position you see her in.”

Eric undid the snap on his jeans and dropped them to the floor. He kicked them aside and knelt next to Michelle. “No. Kneel facing her.” I ordered. He crawled around and knelt in front of Michelle facing her. His limp and cut cock was impressive, waving between his thighs it was nearly as long as mine erect. Maybe she just needed a little more. I smiled.

“Bow your head and contemplate what I’m about to explain.” Eric glanced at me, then focused his eyes on his hands. “Your alternative to leaving us and never coming back is to accept the same contract that Michelle did, with one difference, you will be her slave as well as mine.” They both glanced up at that. “Michelle.” I directed. “Go to the office and print a copy of the contract for Eric.” Michelle got up and I went to the sink and got myself a glass of water while we waited.

She came back with two pages. “Eric, hold one page in each hand and study them while I continue.” Michele knelt again facing Eric. “Those are the terms that bind Michelle to me. I am paying for her education, as well as training her as my apprentice. For that she would normally receive a modest wage. After we started having sex we changed the terms of our agreement, and in exchange for her being my sexual property I provide for all her needs.” I paused and looked at his cock again. “Except apparently for your cock.”

“Having used your cock without my permission, Michelle is subject to punishment, not just discipline. If you are not going to leave then you are going to witness her punishment, because it’s you that brought it upon her. When we’re finished, you can then make a final choice to leave forever or sign that contract.”

I paused for effect. “Now, one more time, do you want to leave, or are you willing to witness Michelle’s punishment?”

Eric looked at Michelle and she looked into his eyes. “If it’s me she’s being punished for then I will watch.”

“All right then. Michelle, get up and lead Eric to the door of the punishment room and wait for me.” They rose and left and I stripped off my clothes and followed them. Pausing to get the key on the way. I unlocked the door and switched on the lights. “Michelle, lead him downstairs. Have him kneel against the center pole facing the cross. You kneel in front of the cross facing him.”

I gave them several steps head start then followed. Michelle directed Eric very quietly then knelt on the concrete herself. I went to the wall and got down the punishment crop. I stepped over and handed it to Michelle. “This is the tool I will use on you. You’ve seen it once before. Test it in your hands and contemplate how it will feel.”

I went to Eric. “Give me your hands.” He held them out and I cuffed him, then attached the cuff chain to a hook suspended by a cable. “Slide back against the post with your feet on opposite sides.” I directed. When he was in position I cuffed his ankles together around the post. I walked back around in front of him and stepped close so my cock was against his forehead. I raised the hook to pull him off the floor by his arms until my cock was level with his mouth. “Now, I’m going to fuck your face, then I’m going to punish Michelle. When I cum you’re going to catch it in your mouth and hold it the entire time I’m punishing her. If you swallow it I’ll punish her more. If you close your eyes I’ll punish her more. But if you watch in silence and suffer with her and hold my cum, her punishment will be less.” I paused and looked into his eyes. “Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

“No sir.”

“Open your mouth.” I put my cock in. “Close your lips around it, and just let me fuck your face. I will let you know when I’m going to cum so you can be prepared and not swallow.” I started fucking into Eric’s mouth. He put his tongue to work and did a great job. He was really sucking and swirling his tongue around my cock, I think to see if it would reduce Michelle’s punishment. For a first-timer he sucked a pretty good cock. I pounded into his mouth and was really enjoying it, but I quickly felt my cum boiling up out of my nuts. When it was close I told him, “Okay, get ready and remember to catch my cum in your mouth and hold it.”

I pulled back so that just the head was between his lips and stroked myself and started to shoot into Eric’s face. He kept the suction up, but I could tell he didn’t swallow. When I finished I pulled my cock back and held his chin. “Show me my cum.”

He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, coated with my jizz. “Okay, close your mouth and hold it right there.” I left him hanging by his arms with his mouth full of my cum and turned my attention to Michelle.

“Stand slave.” She did. I fetched two breast clamps from the wall and encircled her tits, cinching the clamps tight so that her tits were squeezed out tightly from her chest. She winced, but made no sound. I got down three weighted clamps and attached one firmly to each nipple, picking them up and dropping them to pull hard on her breasts. Then I clamped the third weight to her clit and dropped it. She did sob and stagger a bit at that one. I clipped the rail to the cross then directed her, “Lean against the rail with your chin on top of it, and a tit on each side.” Michele calmly stepped up on tiptoe and put her chin on the end of the rail. I took her wrists and bound her arms firmly to the upper cross members, pulling her tightly against the rail and pulling her feet almost completely off the floor. Then I strapped her ankles and knees to the lower cross members so that she was fully strapped down.

“Hand me the crop, slave.” She reached back as best she could and I took the crop in my right hand and slapped it against the palm of my left. “Have you contemplated on this punishment slave?”

With her chin held it had to be difficult to answer but she said. “I have Master. I have been foolish and disrespectful and must be beaten as a reminder of my error.”

“Very good slave.” I stepped very close and whispered in her ear, “You know you may cry out all you wish?”

“Yes Master.”

I stepped back. “Then let’s begin.” I brought the crop hard against the backs of her thighs. She jerked and sobbed and I watched the weights bounce, pulling at her nipples and clit, which caused her to bounce even more, and sob again. I put my arm into the punishment then, striking her back from her shoulders to the curve of her ass. A couple of strokes actually broke the skin, but most just gave a very satisfying sound. Made even better by her cries and whimpers. I watched Eric, but he kept silent and his eyes open. Although I could see he was pained by Michelle’s pain. I stepped in front and whacked her tits sharply, first one then the other. She cried out in agony, so I went behind and whacked at the weight on her clit and her open cunt. That brought a scream that was musical to me. I looked at Eric and realized he was staring not at Michelle but at me. That was when I realized that my cock was painfully erect again. I laughed. “Yes, her pain excites me.”

I went back to the beating, but I’d accomplished my goal. Michelle’s face was dripping tears, but her cunt was dripping juice too. I pulled the cables to raise the lower legs of the cross and drop the upper, bringing her cunt to the level of my cock. I laid the crop on her back and slammed myself inside her completely. The feeling of her heat against my throbbing cock drove me into a frenzy and I fucked her savagely. I picked up the crop and started beating against her sides and back again. In my frenzy I heard Michelle’s cries turn to moans, then, just as I felt my cum boil out of my cock, a scream of pleasure tore from her mouth. I finally slowed and collapsed against her back, panting as she moaned in pleasure and pain.

I pulled out of her and turned to Eric. I laid the crop against his face and commanded, “Show me my cum.”

He opened his mouth, and although it was mixed with spit and runny, he seemed to have most of it still there. “Excellent. Then I guess I can stop with her.”

“Thank you sir.” Eric said.

“Open your mouth and clean my cock again.” I ordered. And he did. Cleaning all the juices from me and his lover’s cunt off my cock. When he was finished I pulled out of his mouth and lowered his arms. I undid the cuffs, then went around behind the pole. I undid his ankles and told him, “Crawl over to the cross and clean up my cunt. When you finish you may untie her and remove the weights and bounds.”

Eric looked at me curiously. “Yes, it’s my cunt. It doesn’t belong to her, so long as she agrees to remain my slave. And it certainly doesn’t belong to you, although you have used it without the permission of the owner lately. That’s over. You may clean my cunt, but you cannot do anything else with it unless you ask and are granted permission. And don’t expect to get that permission soon.”

Michelle moaned. Eric went to her and started right in lapping our cum out of her cunt. He licked the length of her slit, catching our mixed cum and swallowing it down, seeming to relish his job, and certainly looking forward to freeing Michelle. I watched amused. Then I realized that Eric’s cock was standing tall between his legs. He was turned on by cleaning up his lover’s cunt after I’d used it. This was a good sign. I realized Michelle was starting to hump against the rail. “You may make her cum again if you wish Eric.”

Eric drove his face deeper into Michelle’s cunt, licking at her clit and the weight, as well as her juices. I watched as he drove his tongue deep inside, fucking her with it. Michelle squealed and squirted into his face. He drank her juices then sat back. He smiled then turned to me. “May I free her now?”

“Yes, I think so. Do you need help?”

“No. I think I can do it.”

“You may want to start with the tit clamps and weights, then release her from the table.” I suggested.

Eric reached up and opened the clamp and removed the weight from Michelle’s clit and she moaned. I could see tears falling onto the cross below her face. I started to harden again. Eric walked around and removed the clamps from her nipples to more moans and tears. He hung them up and turned to me. “These are really painful aren’t they?”

“Yes, going on or coming off, and if bounced even when they’re on.” I admitted. Eric nodded and turned back to the cross and removed the tit clamps from Michelle’s tortured breasts. She moaned long and hard as each one came off. Eric tried to tip the cross back to the floor, but didn’t fully understand the controls so I stepped over to help. We got the legs of the cross back on the floor and I unstrapped one leg while Eric got the other. Michelle slowly lowered her legs, but her feet didn’t seem to quite reach the floor now.

“Okay, I’ll catch her while you undo her arms.” I stepped behind Michelle and pressed myself against her back and held her while Eric unclamped her wrists. She sagged against me moaning. I handed Eric a bottle of water and he gave her a drink, and she seemed better in a moment. “Should we carry you or can you walk back upstairs?”

Michelle seemed to think hard on the question then, “I think I can walk. Let me try.” I slowly let her stand, and she took a couple of tentative steps. She staggered a little, but managed.

“I can make it.”

“Then the two of you go upstairs and get cleaned up. I’ll be up momentarily and we can talk more.”

They went upstairs while I put away the toys and cleaned up the room. I went back upstairs, locked the door and put away the key. They came out of the bathroom together and waited for me. “Alright, both of you assume the position.”

When they had knelt and were properly positioned I spoke to Eric, “You have now seen what Michelle has offered herself for. You still have a choice to make. You can offer yourself in the same way, or you can leave. I have some idea of your skills and how you might fit into my business, as well as the education you’ll need, which I will fund. But you will be my slave, and Michelle’s, sexually. You will live here, and you will service who you are directed to serve, and only who you are directed to, or given permission to serve by one of your masters. Are you willing?”

Eric looked at me, then Michelle. “Yes. I will serve you.”

“Then go get your contract and bring it here for our signatures.”

Eric rose and went to the kitchen, returning with the contract. I picked up a pen and handed it to him. “Sign it on the table there.” When he finished he turned and handed me the pen. I signed, then turned to Michelle. “He will be your slave too. You must also sign as his master.”

Michelle rose and came over. She leaned in and kissed me. “Thank you. Master.” She leaned over the table and signed. I could see the welts and bruises on her back. When she stood up I looked into her eyes.

“Is he worth it?”

She touched a bruised shoulder and nodded. “Yes, he is.”

“Then you will take him to the shower. Shave him and prepare him for discipline. Clean him front and back, I intend to use him again tonight.”

“Yes Master.”

She reached out and took Eric’s hand and led him into the bathroom. I knew they’d need some time, so I went to prepare myself. I was working on some documents when I heard Michelle call out, “Master, we’re ready for you.”

“Excellent.” I replied. “Tie Eric in position for discipline and insure that he understands the rules and I’ll be in shortly.”

“Yes Master.”

I heard them moving around while I wrapped up my work. When I got into the bedroom, Eric was properly tied along the foot of the bed, his legs spread wide, his ass in the air, and his cock trailing down along the edge. I opened the cabinet and took out the paddle, and the strap-on that Julie liked to use. I laid the paddle on the bed by Eric’s head, and admonished him to contemplate it’s application. Then I handed the dildo to Michelle. “You’re going to need this shortly. Do you know how it goes on?”

“I think so.”

“Then put it on so we can get started.”

Michelle slipped her legs into the straps and slid them into place, the dildo protruding into space, looking oddly out of place, but yet right for the context. I showed her how to turn it on and off, and how to store the battery pack. She obviously liked the way it stimulated her when turned on. Then I turned my attention to Eric.

“All right then. You are going to be given twenty-five strokes with the paddle by me, as I’m sure Michelle explained. If you accept them all in silence, as directed, at the end you will thank me, and I will reward you. You will then receive an additional fifteen strokes from your other Master, and again will be rewarded for good behavior. Are you ready?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then let’s begin.” I dropped the paddle sharply against Eric’s ass. He jerked a little but made no sound. “One.”

I continued to bring the paddle sharply onto his ass and counted out his twenty-five strokes. By twenty I could see that tears were falling on the bed, but I continued. Finally “Twenty-five.”

“Thank you Master.” He sobbed. I handed Michelle the paddle and she handed me the lube.

“You did well slave, now I will reward you.”

“Thank you Master.” I rubbed the lube on my cock, then placed some against Eric’s asshole, and pushed the head of my cock against his sphincter. Michelle was whispering in his ear.

“Relax your ass baby and let him slide in. He’s gentle, and a good master, but he’s going to fuck you, so let him in. You’ll learn to love it, I promise.”

Eric smiled at her, and I could see him relax. I pushed against him again and immediately started to slide in. He tightened, and Michelle could tell even before I did. “Relax baby, stay relaxed.” She stroked his face, and he relaxed and let me slide my cock fully into his virgin ass. When my belly was against Eric’s ass Michelle held his face up and kissed him. “That’s good baby. I’m proud of you. You took him right in.”

I held still for a moment then felt Eric relax just a little more. I slowly pulled my cock back, then slipped it gently back to the hilt. I fucked him first with long slow strokes to allow him to become accustomed to an ass-fucking. As he got used to it he started to get into it and I went faster and harder. I became more turned on as Eric did, until I was slamming into his ass and he was grunting and pushing back at me. The sensation came over me suddenly. One moment I was pounding away at his ass and the next my cum was exploding into his ass. I grunted and yelled my pleasure as my balls boiled into his bowels. I relaxed against his back, finally spent. I kissed his neck. “Thank you slave. That was very good.”

:”Thank you master.” He smiled. “I appreciate your reward.”

I raised up and slid my cock slowly from Eric’s ass. A trickle of cum dribbled down his balls and along his cock. I handed Michelle the paddle. “You now have more discipline coming from your other master.”

Michelle hefted the paddle. “I am going to give you fifteen strokes, as directed. Are you ready?”

“Yes Master.”

The paddle came down with a nice smack. A bubble of cum popped from Eric’s ass as Michelle counted “One.” She started to giggle, but I motioned for silence. More cum trickled out for several strokes, but by fifteen it had stopped. Michelle counted “Fifteen.”

Eric responded, “Thank you master.” With another sob. I handed Michelle the lube and she rubbed a handful on the dildo, turned on the switch and placed it against Eric’s ass. He jumped slightly, then relaxed and accepted the intruder inside. I knew it was likely that the vibrating ridge of the strap-on would get Michelle really into fucking Eric’s ass, and it did.

She was soon pounding away much as I had when suddenly she stopped, eyes wide and screamed “Oh! My! God!” She went rigid then shuddered against Eric’s ass as she came. She jerked several times hard and sprayed her cum down her legs and onto the floor. Michelle slowly collapsed against Eric’s back. She lay there for a few moments then slowly raised up. She looked at me shakily and asked, “That’s what you feel, isn’t it?”

“I think so.” I replied.

“No wonder guys like to fuck so much.” She smiled. “I am so going to be doing a lot more of that.”

I laughed. “I think it’s time to let him up.”

Eric looked at me then Michelle. “Thank you both. That was awesome.”

Michelle beamed at him. “I’m so happy you enjoyed it.” She looked at me, “May I make him cum now?”

“No. He has used my cunt without permission. As part of his training he will be denied any relief for a time. He can use that time to contemplate the error he made.” Michelle pouted, so I added, “But don’t worry, when I let him cum again it’ll be something special, as a reward for his self-discipline, and so that he understands that I am a compassionate and caring Master.”

Eric looked back at Michelle. “It’s okay baby, I can wait. The fact that I get to be here with you and stay part of your life here, and as Master’s slave I can learn something useful, waiting a while for sex is a small price.” He looked at me, “Besides, Master promised it would be worth the wait, and I trust him.”

Michelle looked down at the dildo she still had plugging Eric’s ass. “I guess it’s time to take this out. Are you ready?”

“Yeah. Gently though. Please Master. Er, Mistress. I guess I don’t know what to call you for sure now.” Eric laughed.

“I think I like Mistress when we’re like this, or when you are in your slave role. But you can call me Michelle when we’re alone.” She looked at me. “Rich does.” She smiled.

I returned her smile, then she grinned and popped the dildo from Eric. A little too quickly. He jumped and yelled, “Hey!”

“Hey nothing slave. You’ve done worse and you know it. An asshole is a tender thing and should be treated as such. If you don’t want to be treated rough you’ll have to learn to be gentle with mine.”

“I am so sorry Mistress.” Eric bowed his head. “I never realized.”

I went to the bed and untied his arms. “Now you know. There is a time to be rough and a time to be gentle, and ass sex is almost always a time to be gentle. Especially the first few times.” I laughed as Michelle finished untying his legs. “You two go get cleaned up and get ready for bed. I’m going to make a phone call or two, and I’ll join you back here.” They smiled and turned towards the bathroom. “But no relief for him. I’ll be monitoring, remember.”

“Yes Master.” They said in unison, then turned and closed the bathroom door. I called Julie and made a date for her to come play with my toys the following Saturday night. I described Eric to her, and especially that lovely eight-inch, thick cock. She sounded very ready to try him, and happy that he’d be over ten days without relief.

“I want this to be very special for him.” I explained, “but I want you to tease and draw him out, and make him face his own control issues.”

“Oh, trust me babe. I will make sure that he is controlled, until I’m ready to let him have a screaming howling orgasm with me.”

I laughed at the thought, knowing just how good Julie is. “Dinner, then. Sixish?”

“I’ll be there and naked at six.”

We hung up and I walked into the bedroom. Michelle was spooned against Eric. “No, that’s not a good idea.”

Michelle looked at each of us. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. He is to have no relief until I allow it. If he gets relief I will have to punish him. And I don’t think he will enjoy punishment as much as you do.”

Eric looked at her. “He’s right. You enjoy some pain, but I don’t. If it might mean a beating like you got tonight I don’t know if I could take it. I’m sorry.”

Michelle rolled back and kissed him. “I’m sorry too, but you’re both right.” She looked at me. “You in the middle?”

“Good idea.” I said as they slid apart and I crawled in between them. Eric kept a little distance, but Michelle snuggled tightly against me. :How’s your back?” I whispered once we’d settled in a bit.

“A couple of tender places, but I’ll be fine. I think there are some bruises too.”

“Yes, a couple of bruises and a couple of welts, but you’ll be healed for Eric’s coming out party.”

“Who’s coming?”

“I invited Julie over to play with him.”

“Oh yum.” Michelle wiggled her ass against me. “Can I have some too?”

“I can promise you will. I don’t see how I could keep you two apart without a club.” I chuckled. “Sleep now.”

“Oh god. Just thinking about her is making me horny.” She wiggled against me again. I tapped her ass gently.


We slept, but it didn’t seem like it was very long until I was awakened by someone slurping my cock. I lifted the covers and saw Michelle’s head bobbing on me. “Did you ask permission?”

“No Master. She looked up at me sheepishly, without taking her mouth completely off my erection. “Please Master. I need you. Please.” She gave me that little pouty face and I couldn’t help myself.

I flipped the covers back and reached for her as I rolled onto my back. “Come on up here and ride your cock, now that you’ve got it ready.”

In one swift motion she climbed onto my chest and impaled herself fully on my cock. I moaned, and she looked at me. “Oh god. I needed that.” She said.

“Me too.” I agreed as she rocked on my cock. She put her hands on my chest and jerked her hips against me. I reached up and twisted both nipples.

“Oh yes.” She shifted motions, raising up and dropping down on me and grinding her clit against my pubic bone. I pulled her nipples and pinched them and she squealed. Eric stirred and looked at us.

“Should I leave Masters?”

“No, stay and watch, you just aren’t allowed to cum.”

“Yes Master. Thank you.” Eric smiled, watching Michelle pounding herself with my cock.

We both were past ready and we built quickly to a mutual orgasm. I felt Michelle’s cunt grab me and then my balls erupted. We shouted “Yes!” at the same time and bucked our way through an intense orgasm. As we came down together Michelle collapsed on my chest. I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her gently.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

“No, thank you.” She smiled at me. “I needed that so badly.”

“I could tell.”

She laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.” She looked at Eric. “Poor baby.”

Eric smiled at her. “No. It was my mistake. I have to learn the price of my decisions.” He looked at me then Michelle. “May I clean the two of you?”

Michelle raised her head and gave me a quizzical look. “Yes Eric,” I said, “I think I’d like that very much. It would be good training for you to service us without your own relief.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Lay on your back with your head by my waist.” Eric slid down and did so. “Now, Michelle, you can raise up and slide over, and put your cunt on his mouth to be cleaned.”

Michelle raised up and squatted back down over Eric’s mouth. Only one small trickle of cum dripped onto his cheek as she moved. I arranged the pillows to watch, but I couldn’t see much of what Eric was doing. That he was doing a good job was quickly evident as Michelle began to rock her hips and grind herself against his face. “Oh god baby! Yes. Eat me. Oh GOD! I’m cumming!” She screamed and grabbed Eric’s head and forced him deeper into her crotch. She collapsed forward over his head, still holding him while he slurped at her juices. I could hear him even if I couldn’t see. Finally she pushed herself back up. “Thank you baby. That was wonderful.”

She rolled over next to him and kissed his juicy mouth. “No, thank you for allowing me to please you, Mistress.” He looked at me. “And you now Sir?”

“Yes, Eric.” I said as I rolled over to straddle his face, placing my cock against his lips. Eric opened his mouth and swallowed me. I gasped as he rolled my cock with his tongue, seeking out every drop of our mixed cum. I gave him a few minutes, then gripped his head. “You are a delightful cocksucker, but you won’t get me to cum again so quickly. Let’s call it a morning and get up now.”

“Yes Master.” Michelle jumped up. “First shower.” She called out as she ran to the bathroom.

I leaned down and gave Eric a long deep kiss. I could taste my cum and Michelle’s pussy on his breath. When I pulled back he smiled up at me. “Thank you so much Master. For everything.”

“We’re just getting started. Are you sure you want to thank me?”

“Oh yes. I realized a lot about myself in the past twenty-four hours, thanks to you. I am going to be a good slave, and an even better student and man. Thanks to you.”

“Then you are very welcome.” I stood up. “You can have the second shower, I’m going to get some coffee.”

Eric started to ask for some, but I stopped him. “I’ll bring the tray and three cups.” He laughed as I walked out of the room.

It took some getting used to having two naked young people working with me, especially since one of them wasn’t allowed any sexual relief. Eric was a good student and attentive to my instruction, but sitting around the house naked, with Michelle naked in the same room most of the time kept him almost constantly erect. I tried to find things he could do out of the office just to give him some relief from sitting and seeing Michele’s lovely naked body close to him, but there was only so much to be done and much of what I needed from him was help on the technical aspects that he could only learn in the office. I decided right away that I wouldn’t keep Michelle from having almost as much sex as she wanted, although only with me until Julie arrived. Eric was allowed to watch, and clean up after, but not to participate.

The mornings were worst for him. Waking up and seeing Michelle and I engaged in what had become our morning ritual was extremely trying for him. About the fifth day he waited until we finished then stopped me before I got out of bed.

“Master?” He began.

“Yes slave?”

“I need you to help me with something. Please Master?”

“And what would that be Eric?”

“I need you to tie me at night. Please sir.”

“And why would I do that? That would be very uncomfortable for you.”

“Yes Master. I know. But I woke up this morning and I was stroking my cock in my sleep.” He blushed and hung his head. “I want so much to follow your direction. And I really don’t want you to punish me, but if I’m doing it in my sleep I might disobey inadvertently.”

“I don’t want to punish you either. Thank you for telling me.” I thought for a moment. “I think I can allow that request. I will have Michelle tie your hands to the bed each night so that you cannot touch yourself and disobey inadvertently.”

“Thank you sir. I really do want to obey and do as I’m instructed, but my body wants to betray me. I don’t want to give in. And I want very much to please both my Masters. And your friends as you allow me to meet them.”

“Eric, you are pleasing me by learning, and by being attentive, and honest, and working hard. I’m sure that if you continue as you have you will continue to please me, and Michelle, and my friends, and at some point my clients also. You seemed to lack discipline and direction for a time, which really surprised me given your prowess in sports, but you’ve come around quickly. Keep going and I will help you build your future.’

Eric took my hands and kissed them. With tears in his eyes he said, “Thank you so much sir.”

Michelle chose that exact moment to open the door to tell us she was done with the shower. She stood in the doorway with a towel in her hand and a very quizzical look on her face. She didn’t say a word, just waited for Eric and I to finish. I slipped my hands away and touched his face. “Live up to what you’ve promised and you will be fine. I’ll do my part, you do yours, just as Michelle has been doing.”

Michelle said, quietly, “Next shower?” And I touched Eric’s shoulder and pointed him to the bath. Michelle looked confused and quizzed me with an eyebrow, but I simply mouthed “Later.” Then said, “I’m going for coffee, back in a couple of minutes.”

Over breakfast I explained to Michelle that she’d be tying Eric each night to insure that he didn’t touch himself and violate his order. She looked disappointed and a little hurt, but she understood and agreed. That night she got out a length of rope and looped it through one of the rings on the headboard and tied Eric’s hands over his head. She gave him a long kiss then snuggled down next to him. I climbed in behind her and held them both and we slept. When we awoke Michelle looked at me sleepily and asked, “Master, may I take you in my mouth this morning?”

“I would like that. But what about Eric?”

“I’ll share with Eric when I finish.” She looked at him. “If that’s okay with you?”

“What about you babe?” Eric asked.

“I’m going to wait until Saturday with you. If it’s okay with Master?”

“Yes, it’s okay with me.” Michelle signaled her delight by throwing back the covers and swallowing my cock. I brushed her hair back so I could watch her face as she sucked me. She looked up and smiled around my cock without stopping. She bobbed her head and rubbed my balls and stroked me, quickly bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I stroked her head and warned her, “I’m almost there.” She pulled back to hold just the head of my cock between her lips and stroked me to a finish. I gripped her head and cried out as my cum shot into her mouth. She held me firmly and waited for me to finish then she slipped her mouth off me and crawled over to Eric. Cradling his head she opened his lips, then hers and let some of my cum dribble out into his mouth. Then she locked her mouth on his and gave him a long fierce kiss.

I knew the cum would be gone when they finished and it was. They looked over at me and said together, “Thank you Master.”

“No, thank you.” I stroked both their faces. “Thank you both.”

That became our ritual for the next four days. Finally it was Saturday and I refused Michelle’s offer. Eric’s erection, which had been a little less prominent for the past four days was back in full display all day. When mid-afternoon rolled around I sent the two of them to the bathroom to help each other prepare for the night’s activities. I made them check each other’s shaving, and get each other clean, inside and out. I started dinner, then did the same for myself. With Julie even I didn’t always know what would happen. At ten minutes to six the doorbell rang and I sent Michelle to answer it, knowing it was Julie. I heard their squeals from the kitchen.

I imagined that Julie would undress and join us naked, so I was not surprised when they walked into the kitchen arm in arm and not a stitch of clothing between them. Eric half turned and Julie walked up to him and stuck out her hand. He shook it gently and she simply stared up and down his body. Eric’s cock twitched when her gaze lingered there. Finally she turned to Michele, “Girl, you do know how to pick men!”

Then she turned to me. “I do hope the aroma in here means dinner is almost ready, because if it’s not I’m going to start eating this young man.”

I handed Eric the last dish and directed him to the table.

“Sorry my dear, he is dessert, not dinner.”

I took my seat on one side of the table, with Michelle to my left. Julie put Eric across from me and sat to his right. After we filled our plates I thought I saw Julie’s hand go to Eric’s leg – or crotch, I know my left hand was tracing designs on Michelle’s thigh. We talked about a few safe subjects, but the conversation quickly turned to Julie’s desire to get to know Eric better. Eric seemed to be having trouble eating, I suspected that had to do with trying to focus while someone played with his penis. Finally Julie got around to the questions she wanted answered first. “So, was Michelle your first?”

“No Mistress, she was my second, although I was her first. She was the first who wanted me for me and not because I was a stud jock, so I was really attracted to her more.”

“How long ago?”

He thought for a moment, “Three years ago, plus a couple of months.”

“So what attracts you to her?”

“She likes me for me. But even more, she just makes everyone around her happy. Whatever she does she makes sure that everyone around her enjoys being there.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

“Yes Mistress. You are very beautiful.”

“It helps that I’m sitting here naked?” Julie laughed, “And with your cock in my hand?”

“You would be beautiful dressed Mistress, I’m sure.” Eric paused, “And while I’m enjoying your hand on my cock that’s not why I think you’re beautiful.”

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“I would like to do whatever pleases you Mistress.” He looked across at Michelle and I, “And of course whatever makes my Masters happy.”

“I think what would make me happy is to get started on my dessert.” Julie winked at me. “Is everyone else ready?”

We agreed, and I offered, “I will clean up here. Why don’t you take the toys to the bedroom and get things set up for what you want. Put them in position to contemplate while they wait. We can start when I get there.”

“The two of you to the bedroom then. I’ll get the key and join you. Turn the bed down for play and we can get started.” Julie directed.

I stacked and loaded the dishes and cleared what needed to be done from dinner. I gave them time to get ready, and for Michelle and Eric to have time to contemplate what might be coming. When I got to the bedroom they were kneeling by the bed, which was turned down so that all the tie points were open for use. Julie was sitting on the bed looking at them both. We had discussed some ideas, but made no specific plans, so I asked, “What would be your pleasure tonight?”

“I think I want to start with Michelle tied here on the bed.” She patted the bed next to her. “And that splendid body needs to be stretched across the pillars so I can spend some time admiring it.”

“Then you get Michelle, and I will get Eric.” I slipped my shorts and shirt off so we were all naked, finally, and grabbed a handful of ropes for Eric. “Stand up here Eric.” He did, and I tied a rope to each wrist, while Julie tied Michelle’s arms to the edge and center of the headboard. While I was tying Eric’s arms above his head to the upper portion of the posts, Julie was tying Michelle’s legs open the same as her arms. I took two more ropes and pulled Eric’s legs open and snugged his ankles to the bottom of the pillars. I watched Julie while I stroked Eric’s body. His cock throbbed in front of him as he watched Julie start to manipulate Michelle. I watched Julie suck Michelle’s clit and cause her to moan and bounce, then she pushed her fingers inside my cunt and Michelle squealed. She started a fast motion with her hand while attacking her clit, and Michelle built quickly to orgasm. Just as I thought Julie was going to let her cum, Michelle’s hips were bucking in time to Julie’s fingers and she was moaning loudly, Julie snatched her hand away and sat up.

Michelle screamed, “Oh god! NO! Please. No. Please! Please!” Her hips were bucking frantically trying to find just a little more stimulation to put her over, but there was nothing.

Julie reached up and stroked Michelle’s face. “Quiet little one. You’ll get your chance. Wait for it. I’ll be back and finish.”

Michelle finally opened her eyes and smiled. “Thank you Mistress.”

Julie licked her fingers. “Thank you, little one.” She stood and walked over to Eric. “And now, what about you?” She walked a complete circle around Eric, admiring his body front and back. She stopped in front of him and stroked his cock. “Why do you want this?”

“Because I love Michelle, and she loves Master, and I will do whatever I need to be with her, Mistress.”

“Good answer. Is there another reason?”

“Because Master has been good to me and fair, and I love him too. I want to serve him and work for him and make him pleased with me.”

She walked around behind him again. “And what would you do to please him?”

“Anything he asked Mistress. If I am able.”

“Has he punished you?”

“No Mistress. Only discipline. He made me watch when he punished Michelle for what we did wrong. I hope to serve him well and never need punishment. It was very difficult for me to watch her pain.”

Julie hugged him from behind, holding her hands just above his cock. “And why is that?”

“Michelle enjoys the pain Mistress. Part I think for the feeling itself, and part because she loves everything that gives Master pleasure. But I hate the pain. The discipline made me cry and it was all I could do to bear it. I hope to always serve Master well, and insure that I need a minimum of discipline and no punishment.”

“But you like the pleasures he brings?”

“Oh yes Mistress. Very much so. He has given me a new appreciation for sharing.”

“Would you go down on me?”

“Absolutely!” She stroked his cock.

“Even if my pussy was full of cum?”

“Oh yes. I have been doing that for Michelle and Master this week and I really like it now.”

“Can I fuck your ass?”

“Yes Mistress, if it pleases you.”

She walked back around in front of him. She stood close and pushed his cock between her legs, trapping it against her cunt. “And would you like to fuck me now?”

“If it pleases you Mistress.”

She slid back and forth on his cock. She looked back at me. “This one seems very eager to please. He may be very easy to train.”

“I’ve noticed that.” I agreed.

“I think you should fuck me then Eric.” Julie smiled up at him. “But you are not allowed to cum until I say so. Can you control yourself enough to satisfy me first?”

“I will do my best Mistress.”

“I’m sure you will.” She started untying his arms. He let them drop heavily while she untied his legs. Then she grabbed his cock and led him to the bed. “Lay down here next to Michelle. Hold your arms up and out and your legs together.” She looked at me. “Would you get his legs?”

I tied his ankles together and pulled him tightly onto the bed. Julie got his arms secured. His cock still throbbed above him. Michelle looked at his cock and licked her lips. Julie grinned at her. “Will it bother you for me to use his lovely cock?”

“No Mistress. He will make you happy, and that will make me happy also.”

Julie straddled his chest. “Now, I am going to fuck you, but you will hold your cum until I say it’s time. If you fail to control I may request that Master punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. I would hate to see bruises on a body as nice as this, but I will ask if you cannot control yourself.” With that she reached back and guided his cock between her cunt lips and pushed back and engulfed him. They both moaned. When Julie opened her eyes she looked down at Michelle and smiled. “Thank you, little one. I am very happy to share this with you also.”

“It is my pleasure Mistress.”

Julie slipped her fingers along Michelle’s slit and found her dripping. “Yes, it appears it is.” And she licked her fingers again. She smiled down at Eric and said, “Now, let’s see how good this is.” Julie started by rocking her hips. “If you start to feeling like you will have control trouble let me know and I’ll help. But if you don’t tell me and you let yourself cum without permission..” She let the threat hang.

She started raising and dropping down, faster and faster while she moaned. Her own orgasm building. Eric moaned. “Hold please Mistress.” She dropped down and stopped, his cock fully buried inside her.

“Let me know when you can go on.”

“Yes Mistress.” It was then that I realized that Michelle had grasped his hand where they were tied near each other. She was staring at him, encouraging his success.

“I can go on again Mistress.”

Julie said nothing, just picked up the rhythm where she had been. In a couple of strokes she was right back nearing an orgasm. She looked at Michelle, smiling at Eric, gripping his hand and something gripped her. She reached out and grabbed both of Eric’s nipples and screamed, “Oh god, cum, quickly! Fill me full. OH god,. I need to be full of cum.”

Eric Looked at her and screamed his agreement. “God! Yes!” His hips bucked up hard against her and I could see his entire body pulse.

Julie screamed again. “Fill me!” And she ground down against him driving his cock even deeper inside. Eric’s body was rigid, suspended off the bed while his balls drained themselves of ten days of built up and frustrated cum. He screamed wordlessly while Julie accepted his offering and moaned. Finally Eric collapsed onto the bed and Julie collapsed onto his chest. She held his head while she recovered against his chest.

Finally she could move again a little. She raised enough to look into his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt that much cum inside me. I’m half afraid to move.” She kissed his lips, his eyes, his nose. “Was it worth the wait?”

“Yes Mistress. It gave me pleasure to please you.”

“Would you like your cum back?” she asked. Eric looked slightly confused. “Or should I give it to Michelle?”

“Which would please you most Mistress?”

“What would please me most would be to keep this lovely cock all to myself so I can feel like this all the time. But I can’t have that, so I will have to let you take it out of me, but I hate to let all this wonderful cum go to waste.” She looked at Michelle. “Would you like to lick his cum out of my pussy?”

“Would it please you Mistress?”

“Yes, I think it would. But I want to lick your sweet little pussy while you do. Will you mind?”

“I would love that Mistress.”

“I bet you will.” Julie looked wistful. “God, I hate to take your cock out of me.” She looked back at Michelle. “I cannot begin to tell you how jealous I am of you, little one.”

“You may have him whenever you want Mistress. He is mine to share.”

I cleared my throat. “And Master’s of course, but he was mine first.”

“Yes, yours first. You are so lucky.” She raised up, a hand against her cunt to hold the cum in, and swung her pussy over Michelle’s face, spinning to put her own face between Michelle’s outstretched legs. “Lick away little one. I won’t stop until you do.”

Julie had the advantage, her hands were free to manipulate Michelle’s pussy while her mouth was busy, but Michelle attacked Julie’s pussy too. It was a race, for Julie to a second intense orgasm, for Michelle to one long delayed in frustration. Michelle went over first, thrusting her hips up at Julie’s mouth and screaming, her pussy shooting streams of juice out across the bed. But her pleasure also put Julie over the edge. She slammed her pussy into Michelle’s mouth and sprayed a load of her own cum and Eric’s into Michelle’s open mouth. They feasted on each other shivering and moaning. Finally Julie slid down Michelle’s body, taking her pussy away. “Enough! I forgot how much you like to eat pussy. And how very good you are at it.”

Julie stretched out and untied Michelle’s legs. She spun around face to face with Michelle. They kissed long and deep. “Thank you, little one.”

“Thank you Mistres