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Saint Nicholas School of Whores- prologue

2022-08-16 00:31:56


This is simply the prologue for an idea that I think would make a good story. The feedback will decide whether or not I pursue this further.

There will not be much sex or action in this chapter, but if more chapters are requested they will be considerably more graphic.

I've tried to write what I feel would be something that could, in a very crazy world, actually happen.

If you enjoy and would like to read more please leave a comment.

[b]The Saint Nicholas school of whores

Benjamin White stood in front of his tall office window looking out over the quiet field full of balding trees and leaves blowing in the wind. He often finds himself standing at this window wondering how he ended up here and how drastically the world has changed.

It has been ten years since the Gender Wars ended and parts of the world are still recovering from its impact, but one thing is for sure, the world is definitely not to same.

It all started with the Trump election. His rise to power was unexpected, but what was truly shocking was how far he would go to make sure he kept that power. Three and a half years after his election and with his re-election campaign drawing closer and closer Trump saw an opportunity. His Democratic opponent once again was Hillary Clinton and the leaders of all the minor parties were also women. Trumps re-election prospects were not looking good with a large percentage of his 2016 supporters turning against him, so he pulled a move no one saw coming.

He held a press conference and declared he was submitting a Bill to congress that would immediately turn all women into second class citizens. They would not be allowed to own any possessions or property and any married woman would in fact become the possession of her husband, free to do with as he pleases, and once the Bill was approved unmarried women would have 24 hours to find themselves a husband or they would be arrested and detained until an ‘owner’ can be found for her.

The public reacted how you would imagine, laughter and disbelief, his popularity plummeted, his financial support was withdrawn and there were protests to have him removed from office. Unsurprisingly Trumps announcement didn’t go without some support, a small percentage thought it was a brilliant idea and made sure the world new about it. These people, mainly from the southern states and 100% male, took to the streets to confront the protesters and this could only really end one way….badly.

The violence was short lived and although it was contained quickly, it did leave a sizable death toll in its wake. Now it was no surprise that with the vast size of a country like America that some parts of it would support Trumps new idea of a male dominated world, but what no one could have seen coming was the overwhelming support he received from the Middle East. within hours of Trumps announcement dozens of Arab countries had publicly announced their support for the Tump administration and with millions of dollars of Arab oil money flooding in to his campaign funds he was pretty much unstoppable. Using his new wealth to fund a public campaign against women, and with the growing possibility of him being victorious, Trump accumulated more and more support as men everywhere let their more primal urges take over and started to be lured in by governments promises of a better world, but it was his private campaign of bribery, blackmail and murder that had his Bill passed in days and practically overnight Trumps opposition vanished.

What happened next was chaos, there were violent protests up and down America as both genders took to the streets in anger, but their violence was met with the full force of the American government as the police and the military were given the green light to use lethal force against anyone found protesting the new laws. Entire cities were left in ruins and with the body count hitting the hundreds of thousands the world watched what they thought was the implosion of the most powerful nation of earth, but with the Middle East in full support of the new laws and the likes of Russia and China showing their admiration for Americas new found authoritarian style, no one capitalised on their fragile state and America was left to burn.

As the dust began to settle and the military had taken control of the street Trump began Phase 1 of his new regime. Women were stripped of all power, rights and possessions, married women now lived in complete servitude of their husband and unmarried women were forced onto the streets and given 24 hours to marry or be arrested. Once those 24 hours were up it was like the shackles of civilised life around men’s throats were released, rape and violence were everywhere as women fled for not only their safety, but their lives. The new laws put women’s rights at a par with dogs and cats and former crimes like rape and physical assault were only being met with jail time and only if the woman is ‘owned’ and the husband wants to press charges. If a woman was ‘un-owned’ then assault and rape were not classed as crimes and murder was punished with a fine.

As the penny began to drop for women the scramble for a husband was frantic and rushed. Some men found themselves with a dozen wives that he can do what he likes with, some women found themselves at the mercy of men who had fantasised for years about the kind of pain and suffering they would inflict given the opportunity. Despite all this the real victims were the women couldn’t find a man, chose not to get married or didn’t quite make it over the line due to the long queues. These women were left at the mercy of every psychopathic and sexually repressed man America had to offer, they were attacked, tied up, tortured and gangbanged in streets until they either died or were left in such a bad state even the animals wouldn’t touch them.

Women were offered one life line; temporary brothels were set up all over the country and if they could get to one they could request to become property of the owner. Any girl accepted would become property of the establishment and untouchable without permission, any girl rejected would be kicked back onto the street to fend for themselves and with a very low possibility of survival woman were doing anything to be accepted.

While America was tearing itself apart countries all over the world were following his lead. The Middle East was the first to act, but with significantly less resistance then their Western counterparts. Russia, China, India, parts of Eastern Europe, South America and Africa all grabbed the opportunity with both hands leading to millions of deaths as ‘first world’ countries watched the world descend into chaos around them. As it became clear the Pro-Trump organisations were coming out the other end victorious there was a massive amount of pressure applied to rest of the world to conform. Then started Phase two of Trumps plan.

Using the full might of the new Arab-America alliance, and with the aid of the countries already supporting him, Trump led assaults on everyone who opposed his new ideals. World leaders were killed and replaced with puppets, governments that couldn’t be corrupted were destroyed all together and rebuilt using Trumps regime as its template, Bills were passed erasing the 4-year limit of the presidency and giving the position limitless power over America. One by one the countries fell, powerless against the new superpower that controlled over half of the world and at least 75% of its resources and wealth. Scandinavian and Oceanian countries lasted the longest due to their remoteness from the rest of the world, but even they fell eventually. Europe put up the biggest fight, but with countries like England being Americas former biggest ally it was only a matter of time.

With a death toll higher then both World Wars combined the conflict was labelled the “Gender Wars” and lasted nearly 3 years. In those 3 years women had been forced into near complete slavery. All high-ranking positions vacated by women were filled with men loyal to Trump, any man previously convicted of crimes against women were released and the world rebuilt itself in a new image. The image of one man desperate to keep his power.

Most surprisingly in the ashes of this war came peace. Men no longer fought one another, no longer had to suppress their most primal urges, they were free to do what they like with their women and this all but eliminated crime and conflict. Murder was still present of course, every now and then someone would do something stupid with an ‘owned’ girl and find themselves answering to the girls’ husband or owner, with often fatal consequences, but if this was the case then the murder would be deemed justified and would go unpunished, if not then a short prison sentence would be served. Men had finally found a common understanding, suppressing women, and had built peace of the backs of womenkind.

Before the Gender Wars Benjamin White had been a British soldier, and a pretty good one, standing at 5 feet 11 and 165 pounds he possessed a good combination of stamina and power. In the weeks leading up to Trumps announcement Ben left the army and pursued a life in private security after saving up a decent amount of money over his 8-year career in the forces. But after the war had ended he saw an opportunity, using the money he had saved he purchased what remained of the Imperial College London and proceeded to turn it into a school dedicated to training girls into professional whores from an early age. They would be under his care and protection from the start of adolescence through to the start of womanhood, despite these not being legally recognised under the new regime, where they would then move into one of his brothels across the country.

Although this idea was slow at first, with his brothels mainly being filled with women desperate to escape the savagery of men, once his first batch of graduates left the school his business took off and he made more money then he could possibly imagine. His brothels became the best in the world and were visited by the most wealthy and powerful men.

With a large facility and an even larger number of parents desperate to keep their children safe for as long as possible the Saint Nicholas School of Whores was formed. Benjamin had built his school using the format he remembered from the Harry Potter movies. Girls were put into houses and given uniforms accordingly. The uniform consisted of a shirt and tie, blazer, plaid skirt, knee high socks and black shoes all in the colours of their house and, of course, all very tight and short. First years were made to wear an all-white uniform to symbolise purity, and because any dirt would be easy to spot and then require punishment, and members of Black House were made to wear pure black uniforms to show they have been stripped of their colours.

Each house has a head teacher and each head teacher has a head girl. The head teacher was typically a girl who had graduated from that house and had been very successful in the brothels over the years, with her success being rewarded with a head teacher position, she would pass on her knowledge and experience to the new recruits. Making sure the girls are trained appropriately before graduating to the brothels themselves. This is something Benjamin would test personally.

There are four main houses:

Fetish house- Girls trained to accommodate every fetish imaginable.

Anal house- Girls who are raised as anal-only and have never had their pussies penetrated.

Gangbang house- Girls who are experts in servicing multiple men at once.

Gold house- The most beautiful girls trained in the art of seduction and pleasure. The gold standard.

Under these there are also:

First years- Girls in their first year of school are kept separate and must earn the right to join a house. They are sleep deprived, tortured and abused by everyone, but their virginity must be kept intact, the only hole that can be used is their mouths. Those that do not break are placed in a house, those that do are sent down to black house.

Black house- This house is the equivalent of prison for the girls. Any girls that are deemed unfit or breach the rules to a serious extent are sent here. These girls are essentially street hookers, during the day they are given to the security staff as play things, used as guinea pigs by the teachers or just tortured for fun. At night they are forced out onto to the streets to sell themselves to men who can’t afford to use the brothels, with no protection from the school. Depending on how much money they bring back in the morning depends on how much food, water and rest they got before being put back to work.

Benjamin stood at his window like he often found himself doing in the hours before school started. His day dreaming broken by a security guard wandering into his eye line, he moves his stare down to the girl on her knees in front of him. He moans slightly as the third-year girl from Anal house continued to work his cock into her mouth sucking expertly as she submissively serves his every wish in her red and black plaid skirt, the colours of her house, with her firm breasts bouncing slightly as her head bobs on the fat dick between her young lips.

Ben strokes her head softly “you’ve been paying attention in class. Well done”

There’s a quiet knock on the door, the Deputy head teacher of the school Charlotte Chambers pokes her head in her long brunette hair pulled tight into a pony tail “sir, the assembly is soon” she says in her South Western English accent “Shall we go over your notes?”

Benjamin looks out the window one more time and takes a deep breath “yes I suppose we should” he looks down at the girl on her knees still sucking his cock with the same enthusiasms she had when she started 45 minutes ago “get your clothes and head back to your house, don’t be late for assembly”

“yes sir” the young blonde-haired girl says before kissing Bens cock softly and placing it back in his pants. She collects her shirt, tie, blazer and shoes before exiting the room quietly without making a sound avoiding eye contact with the strict and ruthless Miss Chambers on her way out.

“she’s talented” Ben says as he turns to face Charlotte “Let’s begin.”

To be continued.