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Daddy Filmed My Sleepover Party

2022-08-02 00:30:54

Daddy Filmed My Sleepover Party

* A handsome dad, 3 ornery wild teen girls, and a plan by one girl led to some wild rumors around the neighborhood…. *

Jeff, (the dad)……

__I had a pretty wild daughter Jodi, and her girlfriends. They would have sleepovers at the house and play a game, ‘Let’s shock Jodi’s dad.’ They were all teens and the point of the game was to try and give me an erection. I was sure it was a girl named ‘Missy’ who’s idea it was.


I had a plan to get my dad to have sex with me. I had wanted to since is was a very young girl. He had his limits, and had resisted all my sexually suggestive tricks so far…. I decided to get my girlfriends to try to have sex with him and ‘wear him down’ until he would go for having sex with me. Missy and Tina were all for it. This was a two day sleepover, and Missy was the sexiest and most aggressive. Dad already showed some interest in her, so she took the lead with him.


It started out with them all wearing skimpy night clothes to get my attention. I would kid with them and threaten to call the F.B.I. and have them put in prison. They would laugh at me and say: “Ooooo we’re so scared, you’d just love to get us alone in a cell, wouldn’t you?, Mr. Pervert.” I would tell them they needed a good spanking. They would giggle and rub their butts.

“You’d like to spank our bare butts with our panties down, right Mr. P.?” they would say. Then they would parade around in front of me. I would roll up a newspaper act like I was going to swat them…. and watch them screech and run.

One weekend I thought what a good personal porn vid this might make. Friday night the usual 2 girls showed up for a big sleepover in my daughters room. I knew they watched porn and it didn’t take long for Missy and Tina, the two wildest girls to start in on me. I was ready for them and put my video camera under a news paper.

“Oh Mr. P., (for pervert) how do you like our new bras?” they said lifting up their long t-shirts. They wiggled their chests to model them and of course show me their tiny thongs. I really took notice of Missy. She had the biggest tits and best sexy shape. She always had that sexy look in her eyes that meant she ‘might’ want more than to just tease me……..

I quick grabbed my vid camera and started shooting. They screeched again and all took off running and giggling. Soon, here they came, all wearing robes. My daughter Jodi said: “You have to pay us daddy to take a video of us.” as they all giggled.

I said: “Pay you?…dream on girls. Here Jodi, you take my camera in your room and you give me a ‘free sample’ first.

You could just see their little minds at work thinking of what they would do. They all headed for Jodi’s room whispering and quietly giggling.

I waited for about an hour while I heard them all talking and I could hear ‘Oooooo’s and quiet mumbling.

Soon here they all came with Jodi handing me my camera. “Here daddy, but that’s all you get. You’ll have to pay us for more.” They all gathered around to see me watch it on the camera screen. I stood up and went over to my big screen TV. I plugged on the camera and sat back down with the camera remote. Mumbles, whispers and giggles started as they all got on the couch. Jodi sat on my lap, and Missy tightly beside me, and Tina snuggled close on the other side.

I started the vid. Jodi said: “Stop stop, first we have to tell you the story that goes with it.”

They had picked Tina to be the innocent victim of their theme: ‘Attack of the Bi Ninja Lezzies’ Jodi called it. She explained that this girl was attacked by a bunch of wild ’ninja lezzie’s’ and this was just a sample.

__It started out with Tina laying on Jodi’s bed when Missy and Jodi rushed in and started attacking her. They tied her hands and legs to the bed with some string. She pretended to struggle as they started feeling her up. They felt her tits and put their hands down her panties. She protested and told them to stop molesting her. They told her to shut up that she was their sex toy now.

They, between giggles, started kissing her all over. She said: “No no! I’m not a bi lezzie, leave me alone…Oh please stop…your making me hot and stop touching my body.”

Missy, the apparent leader, said: “Take her clothes off. We’ll make you into a ‘bi ninja lezzie’ whether you like it or not!” They slowly started getting her naked. The sucked on her tits and put their fingers in her slit. Tina told them she would tell the police and they would both go to jail. They laughed and said: “Who would believe you bitch, we’ll say that you’re a ninja lezzie and you attack us. Now squirm for us and make us all orgasm with that tongue of yours. Missy crawled up and put her pussy right on Tina’s mouth. The End.

I got a big hardon and Jodi felt it. “He liked it, look! She jumped off my lap fast before I could even cover my hardon. They all looked at my crouch with the bulge. My face, of course got red as they made comments and started surrounding me. Missy and Jodi said: “You gotta pay us if you want more. We want $1,000 dollars each.

I said: “Ladies, there was only one naked girl in the vid. You gotta do better than that.

I said I’d order pizza. They all squealed and ran in Jodi’s bedroom.

I’m only human,…. and to see 3 teen girls ½ naked was a turn on. I planned my next move with them to provide myself with some live entertainment. The pizza kid showed up and they all dived in. I think I got one slice of pizza as they all gobbled it up.

I suggested this: “I’ll be the camera person while you girls make a part 2 to: “Attack of the Bi Ninja Lezzie’s” They all said ’no way’, you just want to see us naked, Mr. P.

Missy spoke up and said: “Wait, he can get those close up shots of making the girl into a bi ninja lezzie!” They all discussed it and soon agreed to it. “Jodi, you make sure your dad doesn’t try anything with us, Ok?” They all giggled as Jodi smiled, put her hands on her hips said: “I’ll ‘try’….and make sure he’s not being a pervert, but we may have to tie him up.” They all giggled.

Missy took charge and stood close to me as we discussed a plot. She whispered in my ear: (“…you can take a close up of me all you want, ok?”), and then she ran her tongue inside my ear.

Jodi was right. She had told me that Missy made it known that she would love to ’mess around’ with me. I didn’t know exactly what Missy was up to, but I was soon going to find out….


I had plans for Jodi’s dad Jeff. I was going to make him so hot for me we would end up having sex….but first….I was betting he had never seen two girls ‘tribbing’ live and two girl rubbing their pussy’s together was going to get him hot. This little video thing was just a nice stepping stone to get what I really wanted.


“Ok girls, you must put on disguises in case this video got in the ’wrong’ hands.” Into Jodi’s bedroom they all went whispering. Soon they called me in to be their camera man. They all had on head scarf’s down to their eyes, with holes cut into them too see. They had eye shadow colors on the rest of their faces. I looked around and said: “Where did the girls go?…and who are you guys?” They all giggled feeling pleased with their disguises.

Missy said in part two, a cop came to investigate a report that ’Bi ninja lezzie’s’ were reported in this room, but had to have proof girls were being attacked.

I started the video. They talked to the camera like they were talking to the cop. I played the part of the cops voice.

The Cop:

“I received word that girls were being forced to become ’Bi ninja lezzie’s’ here. I need proof to investigate this.”

Missy: “Oh officer, we were just playing a game….., here…we’ll show you.”

With their ninja masks on, Missy chose Jodi this time and her and Tina held her down on the bed.


Now….. is was time to turn Jeff on using his own daughter to do it. We held her down and tied her hands and feet wide apart. We slowly took her clothes off as she protested and squirmed. We felt her tits and pussy. “Stop!.. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to be a bi ninja lezzie.” she said: “Too late bitch, your going to be one of us, whether you like it or not!” I said. I paraded in front of the camera and slowly took off my clothes. I got on top of Jodi and first had her lick my pussy, then slid down and went pussy to pussy with her. I knew she had never tribbed with a girl and I started in.

Slowly at first rubbing my clit against hers. “Stop it, your making me all horny doing that.” she protested. Tina giggled and was feeling Jodi’s tits and body. “Your going to cum with me bitch, so get with it. You have no choice!” I told her. She began to moan and squirm more. I pushed down firm on her pussy and speed up a little. “Oh god…your going to make me cum!” she moaned.

I glanced back with a smile at Jeff. He was smiling and had a huge lump in his pants. It was working as I was making his own daughter and myself cum by tribbing with her. Tina all turned on too and said: “Go go go!” I was having a great orgasm doing her and I moaned out as did Jodi. We squealed together as we both orgasmed.

I lost my breath for a second and said: “Now do you want to be a bi ninja lezzie girl?”

“Oh yes!…I…want to be one!, Jodi moaned out….. That was the signal and Tina jumped in and got naked. A 3 girl pile of horny girls all feeling each other up and tribbing each other…..

“See officer, just some harmless fun…Ok?”

I took the camera to keep filming the girls and sat on Jeff‘s lap…. The poor guy was sweating and had a huge boner in his pants for me to sit on….just what I wanted…..


I sat in a daze. I had never seen anything like that before and ‘live’ right in front of me. It was a major turn on. Three teen girls all in an orgy, feeling, licking and rubbing their pussy’s together, and I had it all on video. Missy was sitting right on my boner and squirming on it she was of course…… naked.

I had reached my limit. I had to get out of there. If this ever got out, I could be in big trouble. I lifted Missy off of me and stood up. She leaned back on me still filming. I whispered for her to give the camera back when she was done. It was hard not to stare at her beautiful tits and body. She leaned her head back and whispered: (“…We have to talk, I’ll come to your room later on tonight.”) I left holding my big boner thru my pants pocket.

It must have been about midnight when I was wakened by a girl laying on top of me naked. It was Missy. It was like a dream that came true somehow. I could feel her heart beating and her breathing as she started kissing me. She was very warm and squirming her pussy on top of my boner. She reached down and pulled it out of my pajama bottoms.

Now was my chance to stop this….
….to late…she already had my boner started in her. I lost all resistance as she slid it in her pussy all the way.

I have to admit, it was heaven as she slid back and forth on my boner. I went for it and felt her soft tits and ass. She started gasping and tiny moans as she really knew how to fuck a guy. I rolled her over and up came her legs around my back. Her tongue went wild in my mouth. She quietly moaned: “…god.. I’ve wanted you for so long…”

I lost it and started fucking her with all I had. She was so tight and felt wonderful. She whispered: (“…Oh yes Jeff…oh hell yes!”) We didn’t even notice the slapping of our bodies together because it was happening and happening now. She tensed up and shook…I shot a beautiful load in her that shook my brain. She went wild fucking me as fast as she could, her arms locked around my neck….we both held on as the highest high hit us both. What a beautiful pussy this girl had…..

We were both gasping for air as the feeling lasted and lasted. Her tongue traced my lips …so hot and beautiful.

My ceiling light went on. What the fuck!’’

In the doorway was my daughter with the camera, Tina was with her watching. They began to giggle as Jodi filmed us. Jodi said:

“Daddy, we want to talk about money now.”, as they both giggled.

Tina said “Next!”. They both giggled, turned out the light , shut the door and scampered away giggling.

Somehow…Missy and I didn’t care. We went on and on with our glorious time.

When I next woke up I felt a girl kissing me. Wait…this wasn’t Missy. This girl felt like Tina…it was Tina. (“my turn.”) she whispered. These girls were taking turns with me. I still had a boner from Missy, so Tina took advantage of it. Tina was a slim girl and got on top of me. Oh my yes, she was hot and sexy. She put her nice tits right in my mouth and had me suck her nipples. She then pulled her knees up and in my boner went in her nice wet pussy.

She rode me like a horse. She put my hand on her ass and put a finger in her back hole. She like to bite my lip as she started fucking me hard, pushing my finger deeper in her ass. She was very hot and excited as she made wonderful moaning sounds. She took my other hand and had me rub her clit…she knew what she wanted and went for it. Damn, she was hot to fuck. She began to peak and tense up….that made me cum and cum hard as she squealed and trembled. “…oh daddy…oh daddy,” she kept saying…..”..you’re my daddy now…oh yes…”

After squeezing my boner with her pussy over and over….she gave out a big sigh, and got off me and left.

The next day the girls whispered and giggled all day. All three girls were at their flirtiest best. Rubbing up against me, feeling my ass and wearing their skimpy little nighties. No bra’s, no thongs just tiny little panties. That night they all wanted to see the video. I showed it to them with Jodi on my lap again, and Missy and Tina hanging on me on each side. Missy and Tina left and that just left Jodi and I in a dark living room. She started in on me. She leaned back and put my arms around her , raising them up to touch the bottom of her tits. She talked softly and asked me how I liked having sex with Missy and Tina.

It was pretty clear her intentions…as in ’what about me?’ After a whole wonderful night and a whole day of teasing me sexually I whispered to her: (“ Why don’t you go get in my bed, and find out for your self?”)

She jumped up and pulled on my arm all excited as she drug me upstairs. Her bedroom door was open but dark inside. The hallway light was dim. I knew Missy and Tina were listening and watching. I stopped by her bedroom door and decided to give them some horny teasing back.

I held Jodi tight to me and pushed my boner into her pussy. She moaned as she kissed on my face. I let my hands feel the body I had resisted all this time. Soft young tits with hard nipples. Jodi trembled and squirmed her pussy on me. Next…her sweet ass, so soft and round. She had to gasp for air as her tongue went all over my lips. We slowly dropped to the hallway rug and began to squirm together, right in front of her bedroom entrance.

Missy and Tina whispering….

(“…omg…their going to do it right here! Do we…do we dare? …I have the camera….do it do it!…set it here on the night stand and point it right at them..”)


Memories of the first time I had sex with her mom came into my mind. This was a turn on for both of us to make out in front of Missy and Tina. We both know how horny they would get watching us. I said to her: “…your more beautiful than your mother, and a lot sexier.” We could almost hear Missy and Tina moan as tiny little sounds came out of Jodi’s room.

It was beyond the point of stopping. I pulled my shorts off as she took her panties clear off. It was going to happen right now. She scooted down under me with my boner in her hand. She had a magic tongue. Around and around it went on the tip. Then….I felt the warmth of her mouth and the jacking of her hands gently. I was in heaven for sure….

We could wait no more and I pulled her up as her knees came up to her tits. I felt the warm wetness of her pussy on the underside of my boner. I gently rubbed it on her hot clit. She moaned sweetly and held my face as she kiss me with that wild tongue of hers teasing my tongue. I guided my huge boner slowly in her pussy….oh man…she felt so damn good. We fit perfect, tight and hot inside her. Now to do the final act as a natural rhythm started between us.

The feeling of her hot little legs up on my arms was beyond awesome….our minds memory stopped working crowded out by the massive good feelings. Deeper, faster, the feeling were racing to come to us. She let out a high pitched squeal as I shot the most intense shots of cum I could ever remember. We locked together and fucked hard until there was only a floating high left in us. We lay locked together for a long time as spasms took over the rest. It felt like we were really floating somewhere……

As we slowly came back down to earth we realized Missy and Tina had been tribbing and slowly let their moans go free as they both climaxed together. Jodi was in a daze of happiness as she held on tight and moved her pussy slowly back and forth feeling the cum between us…

What a beautiful night it was……

* ‘click’ went the camera as it went to the end of the tape…*