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DNA 2 Chapter 8

2022-08-06 00:09:24

Jeff could feel herself being jerked around as she returned to consciousness. She opened her eyes and blearily looked around.

She was strapped into a car being driven over some waste ground. All around were factory buildings that seemed to have been in disuse for some time. How did she get here?

Jeff looked over at the driving seat and snapped fully awake. Her old male body with Bill inside was there. Jeff gasped as she remembered what he had done to her. No, what she had let him do to her. She had spread her legs and virtually begged him to fuck her. She might have been under the influence but that didn't really help her come to terms with how her new femininity had been used.

Bill pulled the car up to one of the buildings. He turned off the engine and turned to look at Jeff. She flinched under his gaze. She was so small and weak now that she would be totally unable to stop him from doing anything he wanted to with her.

"Quince told me to take you out and get rid of you. Your cop buddies would just think you're another dead whore, if they ever found you out here." His tone of voice was very matter of fact and Jeff had no doubts he was being serious. "You make a good piece of ass, Jeff. The way you enjoyed me pumping your cunt, I could sell you to any of a dozen whore houses around here, but Quince might find out and he wouldn't be happy with me." Bill started the car and pulled out of the disused factory. "Of course, no one can tell Quince where you are if no one sees you. I've always wanted my own personal whore."

Jeff was praying for this nightmare to be over. A part of her was even wishing Bill would kill her so she could escape her new self. In less than a day she had lost her manhood and had sex with a man who had stolen her body. She could feel her long hair around her shoulders. Her generous breasts bounced and jiggled with every movement of the car. Between her legs, her pussy still tingled from the fucking she had received. Did her future hold nothing more than being this monster's sex slave? "I-if you think I'm going to let you rape me again, think again."

Bill laughed. "I didn't rape you. You wanted it, remember?"

"That was the drug. If you try it again I'll make you regret it," Jeff said defiantly. Even if Bill locked her up, she would be able to find some way to escape.

"This body of yours suits me fine, even if it is black," he replied. "So I doubt you could stop me, but you are right. Forcing you won't be nearly as much fun as the cock-crazed slut that drug made you into. So I brought a month's supply with me." Bill jerked a thumb to the back of the car.

Jeff craned her head round to see a sports bag resting on the back seat. Carefully, so as not to alert Bill, she tried to open the car door. The door was jammed, and where the door lock should have been there was just a space. She was trapped.

By now the car was entering a run down residential area. Bill parked by what appeared to be an almost derelict three-story building. He opened his door, and then grabbed Jeff and the bag, and dragged them from the car. Jeff started screaming for help and kicking ineffectual at him. As Bill dragged her through the building Jeff saw people looking at her through nearly closed doors and he knew none of them would come to her aid.

Bill stopped by one door and unlocked it, while holding Jeff at arm's length. When the door was opened, he threw her bodily into the apartment. Jeff struggled to get her breath back, but even as she climbed to her feet she heard the door slam. Bill opened the bag and brought out an already prepared syringe.

Jeff turned and ran through the fair-sized apartment. All the windows had metal grills on them, and despite her best efforts, she couldn't open them. Bill advanced on her slowly. Suddenly, he pulled her arm behind her and held her immobile as he carefully injected the drug into her.

Bill released Jeff, and she staggered away. She looked at his smiling face in horror. He owned her now, and with that drug she would become a willing slave.

As the drug started to take hold, she heard his voice permeating through the very core of her being. "Relax. You are safe here. This is your home. I am Bill, your master. Your name is whore, you'll answer to no other. You love me and will do anything I ask." Dreamily she noticed she was sitting in an armchair, but could not remember how she got there.

Bill carefully repeated the suggestions over and over while Jeff was sprawled out in an armchair. Finally he asked Jeff, "What is your name?"

The woman's face split in a sexy grin. "My name is whore, Master," she replied with relish. Bill grinned broadly. He was glad now that he had listened to Quince's description of how the drug worked. "Remove your clothes. As my pet, you won't need them."

Jeff slowly undressed herself, revealing her beautiful curvy body. Bill could feel his cock becoming erect again. "Show your Master how much you love him. Suck my cock."

Jeff slid off the chair and kneeled before Bill. At the back of her mind she was aware of what was happening, but she was powerless, totally unable to stop sucking Bill's cock. She was his slave and there was no way out.